Painting hurts my arm/back/knees. Help!

Anyone who has taken a week off work to paint a room will know that it will give you aches and pains.  Given the fact that you are often in awkward positions it’s only natural. There are a few ways to ease the pain.

1. Invest in a decent pole for the roller. You can spend a small fortune on poles that seem to reach for miles, but the best one we have for daily use is by Wickes at £9.99

2. Use the roller on a pole combination wherever possible; not just for ceilings. It is most useful when trying to get paint on the roller. Keep the tray of paint at an easy distance and you won’t need bend down all the time. You can keep a good posture and you’ll find with a small amount of practice that it’s a bit quicker as well. Alternatively, you can hold the tray of paint in your hand and get arm/thumb ache or put the tray on the floor and get rest of the body ache, which is nice (sarc-mark). To reiterate: buy the pole.

3. Knee pads can help when you are down low, painting skirting for example. The main drawback is that they are usually held on with elastic tied behind your knees which can be very aggravating. I would suggest that an old pillow, blanket or something similar is your best bet.

4. Do a few stretches to help keep you limber. It might sound silly, but athletes do it and you will be participating in fairly strenuous activity.

5. Take a break if you are aching or getting stressed. A cup of tea might help.

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