Tips for DIYers

Inquisitive people I know often ask questions such as:

  • What order do you paint things in?
  • Is there a way to roller a ceiling without it hurting my arm/aching my back?
  • How exactly do you hang wallpaper?
  • Will this paint wash off my hand/coat/hair/dog?
  • What’s the best way of getting chipped old paint off my door?
  • You see those yellow-tea-bag-looking-stains all over the skirting… what’s that all about?
  • What’s the difference between matt and silk/undercoat and gloss/satin and eggshell?
  • I’ve put handmarks all over the newly painted bannister, can we fix it before my wife finds out?
  • What about that water stain?
  • Surely it’s impossible to fix a hole that big, is it?
  • What is “cutting in” anyway?

In this section, we will try and answer questions such as those, and we will use it as a space for you to ask any DIY/decorating questions for us.

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